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Lakme Jewel Sindoor (Maroon)

RM 35.00

Look modern while adding a touch of tradition to your looks with this Jewel sindoor from Lakme. Specially designed for modern women, this liquid-based sindoor is easy to apply and stays in place for a long period of time. It comes in two different shades - red and maroon and has a sponge tip applicator to help you apply it conveniently. The deep maroon color is inspired by the actual color of sindoor to give a look and feel of traditional sindoor. Liquid-based Sindoor This liquid-based sindoor is easy-to-apply and stays for a long period of time. Sponge Tip Applicator This applicator makes its application much easy and non-messy. Smudge-proof The smudge-proof sindoor is ideal to be used on a daily basis, especially for women on the go.